December 1, 2022

Winter Webinar Rewatch

Winter Webinar Rewatch

Hyde Park Venture Partner's entire 2022 Webinar Catalog is open and available! From hiring to staff retention, there's something for everyone!

Talent Development in the Early Stages with Christine Render from ScaleUp Coaching & Consulting LLC

Prioritizing Retention with Jim Conti from Hyde Park Venture Partners

How to Not Suck at Pitching Your Startup! with Rajiv "RAJNation" Nathan from Startup Hypeman

And Other Duties as Assigned: How to Hire and Retain the Ultimate Generalist with Meagan Strout from Tack Advisors

Sales Presentations That Don't Suck! with Rajiv "RAJNation" Nathan from Startup Hypeman

Board Builds: the When, What, and How of Building Your Boards with Rita Scroggin, Abby Kearns, and Lisa Nelson from

Demystifying "Head of" Hiring with Mandy Edmundson and Magna Sundstrom from SwingSearch

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