May 18, 2021

Hyde Park Venture Partners promotes Alisa Vass and Allison Weil to Partner

Hyde Park Venture Partners promotes Alisa Vass and Allison Weil to Partner

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that two of our team members, Allison Weil and Alisa Vass, are being recognized for their tremendous contributions to Hyde Park Venture Partners and have been promoted to Partner.

Allison Weil joined our investment team as a senior associate in May 2019, shortly before we launched our third fund. Allison came to us after broad experience in consulting and as an operator. Her background is in helping the government better leverage technology, a topic she focused on when she studied for her dual MBA and Master’s of Public Policy degrees at the University of Chicago. Allison started her career as a Medicaid and Affordable Care Act consultant at Accenture, eventually founded her own startup, Flag Analytics, and then led business operations at Civis Analytics.

Allison is a natural fit for venture investing, an independent thinker who never hesitates to speak her mind and push both our startups and our team. If you’re a founder pitching to Allison, she loves to dig in with you and go deep, diving into the problem you’re solving and how it translates into an impactful company. While she works with startups in various industries, Allison is particularly interested in companies that work in underserved markets - whether that’s government, women’s health, or blue collar workers.

Allison is passionate about increasing the diversity of venture backed founders, and has had a key role in making that a priority for our firm. The most recent investment she led was in Certiverse, a startup led by a Latino founder that is bringing greater opportunities to learners by innovating test development and delivery. She is also actively involved with portfolio companies FactoryFix and BlackCart. While she is being promoted to Partner now, Allison has been a leader in our team from the very beginning and we’re excited to continue to watch her grow.

Alisa Vass joined Hyde Park Venture Partners as Chief Administrative Officer in September 2019 as we began investing our third fund. We’d grown significantly with the close of our Fund III, and needed someone who could bring our processes to scale and take the administrative burden off our investment team. Prior to joining us at HPVP, Alisa spent 18 years at GCM Grosvenor in fund accounting and operational due diligence, after starting her career as an auditor at Arthur Andersen.

Alisa has been amazing, upleveling our finance and accounting functions and managing the compliance and auditing tasks required of a financial institution. We’re thrilled to have her managing the complexities of our middle and back office.

Both Alisa and Allison played a key role supporting our startups and limited partners through the economic uncertainties created by COVID-19. For Alisa, it was by openly communicating with our limited partners, answering all of their questions and giving them confidence in our process and our team. For Allison, it was creating actionable content on PPP loans and government resources to help our companies understand how to take advantage of them.

AIisa and Allison are playing a big part in creating the next chapter for Hyde Park Venture Partners. Please join us in congratulating them both!

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