No more clueless meetings. Charlie is a virtual assistant that prepares briefing sheets on every meeting attendee

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We’ve all been there, rushing into a meeting with someone we’ve never met, barely sure of their name let alone their professional background or personal interests. It’s a tough place to start a new relationship, and totally avoidable with a little prep. But we’re all busy. If only we were like the President, or anyone even half as important, who has an assistant prepare dossiers on each participant before every meeting.

Prepare to feel like the President.

Charlie is a virtual assistant app launching today that will make meeting prep a breeze. By connecting the app to your Google Calendar, it can automatically determine who you’re meeting with and will send you both a daily email summary to start your day as well as a more detailed one-sheet on each meeting an hour beforehand...

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Rithmio Nabs The Cash Needed To Build A Gesture Recognition Platform

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Rithmio hopes to build and release the first gesture recognition platform that other companies can build into their products. Co-founded by Adam Tilton and Prashant Mehta PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the company just announced that it secured $650k in seed funding to make it happen.

The company previously demonstrated a user navigating a map using a wrist-based device. Yet the goal isn’t to build yet another wearable. The company envisions helping brands integrate its gesture recognition product into wearables and smartphones. Imagine a wearable for weightlifters that tracks and critiques their movement...

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Hyde Park Venture Partners announces Tim Kopp as an advisor and venture partner

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We are excited to announce Tim Kopp, former Chief Marketing Officer of ExactTarget, as an advisor and venture partner for Hyde Park Venture Partners (HPVP). We are a Chicago based venture fund that backs the most promising Midwestern tech companies and teams raising their first round of institutional capital. Tim is an experienced marketer and team builder with a passion for advising high-growth SaaS companies.  Most recently, Tim was the CMO of ExactTarget for 6+ years, leading a global team of nearly 300 marketing leaders.  He helped grow ExactTarget from $50M to $400M in revenue, through IPO and its eventual $2.7B sale to Salesforce.  Tim has a passion for building culture, creating incredible brand experiences, and delivering ROI.  Prior to ExactTarget, Tim was the CMO at Webtrends, and prior to that he held key leadership roles in digital marketing at Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.  

Hyde Park Venture Partners was launched 3 years ago to find the best high-growth software companies throughout the Midwest.  Among our 14 current core investments, many are demonstrating massive (20%+) monthly growth in key metrics, including AhalogyFarmlogs andGeofeedia. This growth is translating into large follow-on funding rounds, including ParkWhiz $10M series B, InContext Solutions $12M, and BaseCRM $15M Series B.  

Guy Turner, managing partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, calls Tim a “master marketer with a wide network of digital marketing and sales contacts.  He brings a level of intensity to his work that consistently creates outstanding results, and is doggedly persistent at helping companies grow.”

We are always searching for outstanding tech talent to add value to our investments and from whom our portfolio companies can learn.  The biggest challenge faced our companies has been creating and executing a marketing strategy, and scaling the marketing & sales team.  Tim helps us solve this.  Tim joins our other advisors, including Sam Yagan (CEO of the Match Group and founder of and Gregg Kaplan (founder of RedBox).

Tim’s comment “I’m thrilled to join the Hyde Park Venture Partners team and build upon our shared passion for guiding and accelerating the growth of the Midwest’s most promising young technology companies.  Together, we have an incredible opportunity to help these companies become the next breakout category leaders.”

Tim has a keen eye for finding outstanding early stage investments.  It was clear from the beginning that there would be a great strategic fit when Tim had already became involved in 4 of the 14 core investments made by our fund.  Tim serves on the board of portfolio companies AhalogyG2Crowd, and LevelEleven, and as an advisor to TinderBox. Tim is also a board member of Monetate, a marketing technology company backed by First Round Capital and OpenView Venture Partners.

Tim is a board member and investor in Ahalogy.  Michael Wohlschlaeger, CEO of Ahalogy, says this about Tim: “I count myself extremely fortunate that I have the chance to interact with Tim. Tim is the smartest mind I have encountered on what it really takes to scale sales and marketing.  Tim also truly understands ‘mind of the entrepreneur’ and effectively tailors his feedback and advice for the most impact.”  

Tim is also a board member at G2Crowd.  According to Godard Abel, CEO of G2Crowd (and founder of BigMachines), “Tim Kopp has been tremendously valuable both as a strategic advisor and as a resource in accelerating hiring and business development efforts at G2 Crowd.  Tim brings a unique perspective on next generation marketing technologies, and he has a tremendous network that he has generously used for valuable introductions."

In addition to being an active early-stage investor, Tim is an Executive in Residence for Scale Venture Partners.

We welcome Tim to the Hyde Park Venture Partners family. 



ParkWhiz raises $10M to help drivers find cheaper parking spots

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ParkWhiz, a Chicago-based discount parking-spot finder, has raised $10 million from heavy-hitter investors so it can double its workforce and boost big-name partnerships to become a key part of the “smart car” future.

Drivers can use ParkWhiz’s free app to find the cheapest parking in real time, download a mobile pass and wave their smartphone at the entrance to park.

They automatically get a discount, which can be as much as 50 to 70 percent off the standard daily rate, including at parking facilities near Midway and O’Hare airports...

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Flywheel Raises $1.2M For Its Designer-Centric WordPress Hosting Platform

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The open-source WordPress software runs a huge chunk of all of the sites on the Internet, so it’s no surprise that there’s also a massive ecosystem that has sprung up around the platform. These days, there’s a specialized WordPress service for virtually any niche you can think of.

Omaha-based Flywheel is one of those services. It focuses on designers, freelancers and creative agencies that need a managed WordPress platform to build and manage their clients’ sites. Today, the company announced that it has raised a $1.2 million funding round...


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3D virtual simulation tech company InContext Solutions raises $12M

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3D visualization is at the cutting edge of technology — and it’s apparent that it’s at a hot target for investments as well.

InContext Solutions, a 3D virtual simulation tech company just announced it raised $12 million in series D funding to increase its global presence and its flagship product, ShopperMX. This platform stands to extend greater convenience to retailers worldwide by making store setup simpler...

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