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Our Strategy

Hyde Park Venture Partners (HPVP) is an early stage venture capital fund investing in early stage technology companies in the Midwest, with particular focus in Chicago. HPVP invests in technology-enabled business and consumer services and healthcare IT companies raising their first or second round of institutional capital, ranging in total size from $750K to $3M.

HPVP draws on its strategic relationship with Hyde Park Angels (HPA) to provide industry and business expertise to its portfolio companies through a network of more than 100 seasoned business executives, entrepreneurs and service professionals. HPVP's principals, Ira Weiss and Guy Turner, and the HPA network take an active role in mentoring and guiding portfolio companies in product development, business strategy, financing and exit through both formal director roles and informal mentorship relationships.

What we look for in startups

  1. Geography: Located in or with a strong connection to the Midwest
  2. Stage: Raising between $750,000 and $3,000,000 in a first or second institutional round
  3. Management: TENACIOUS management that is financially vested in the venture and has market expertise
  4. Market: The company addresses a high growth market or a large market with a demonstrated strategy to obtain market share
  5. Differentiation: Company differentiates itself from competitors with a clear competitive advantage
  6. Progress: Product or service is past proof-of-concept stage with trial or, preferably, paying customers

Getting funded…

Hyde Park Venture Partners, with our strategic partner Hyde Park Angels, is dedicated to developing partnerships with early-stage companies looking for their first or second round of capital to bridge the gap between initial seed and later stage venture capital investments. Companies do not need a formal business plan to be considered, but should at least have an executive summary or presentation.

If you think we are a fit for your venture, please e-mail an investor pitch or executive summary to Guy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Values that guide us

We respect and celebrate entrepreneurs and their ideas

We are responsive, tenacious and we do what we say

We communicate openly and honestly about fact and emotion

We make data driven decisions

We believe that rewards should accrue to those who create value


Fun interactive infographic on our portfolio from @infoactive

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